Park La About

Over ten years ago, Paul Frank began sewing custom wallets as gifts for his friends. He adorned these wallets with a monkey named Julius. Born out of his love of collecting sock monkeys in honor of his grandmother who had loved and collected them, Frank’s Julius became a very popular character.

For over a decade, the success of Frank’s designs has allowed him to travel the world and has given him the opportunity to meet many great people. He collaborated with some of his favorite artists and companies, such as The Andy Warhol Foundation, Mattel, Shepherd Fairey, Oscar Mayer, Mark Ryden, Vans, The Elvis Presley Foundation, Shag, Nirve Bicycles, Sanrio, Dr. Scholl’s, and John Deere.

Frank often cites music as a huge influence on the things he designs. Over the years he has hand made custom guitar straps as well as design musical instruments and other music-related accessories for some of his favorite bands, some of which include Blur, The White Stripes, Weezer, Anthrax, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, Stereolab, The Vandals and The Supersuckers.

Frank’s signature style has always been unique and recognizable. In recent years, Paul Frank has been creating new characters and accessories. He also regularly participates in group and solo art shows using his original Naugahyde vinyl to create soft sculptures, which are 3D renderings of his characters.

Frank’s love for characters and accessories design has brought him to his new home, Park La Fun. He is excited to bring a fresh new outlook to the important original belief of creating things for friends.